Monday, January 26, 2004

Iced in here in NC and expecting another half inch of freezing rain. Good! I can clean up my office and catch up on all the mail I didn't get to over the Christmas holidays. Also, work on the store idea. The basic outline is Melissa Michael Magick - potions, tools, spell candles that I've made plus cool stuff I pick up cheap and can sell at a profit. Actual store in the guest room, but sold through online auctions.

You here of people making a nice living off ebay, but then you also hear of people giving up after one to five years because they didn't make money. The fees for each auction seem outrageous to me unless you sell a pricey item with low shipping cost.

My question is - who is making a living at ebay and how did you do it?

Saturday, January 17, 2004

The order form is down.

The Evil White Kitty is in the crawlspace. If he turns out to be male, I'll name him Elric and get him a rabies shot. He let me pet his head.

Is there anyone out there who would like to provide venture capital - no, make that a grant - to open a metaphysical store in downtown Pittsboro, NC? I'm sure it would do great!

I'm working on a Patron page for my site, describing the type of patronage I'd love to have to support my writing, spiritual pursuits, healing certifications, and long term goals. Surely someone out there wants to support magickal arts! Hmmm, donations for rescued kittens, too.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Robin Hood the blind poodle is being whiny today. One never knows if he has gas or crystals; if it's something to do with his eyes or warts; the cold or what!

I think everyone who listens to Rush needs to realize that 5+ years worth of his rants were drug induced.

Gave away Shellie and Shirley today. It was much less painful this time. When I tried before, it was like ripping off a limb and wasted an afternoon, and didn't even happen!

Is it January hibernation, or writing avoidance techniques?

Milestone - I completed the bookcase project conceived and begun in April 2003, the week I lost my job. And what a wonderful springboard that turned out to be!

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